10 Date Ideas for Teens to Impress their Dates

So much of society’s current culture isn’t teen-friendly for the couples, as they’re often too young to drink and too old for playing in the park together. “Where are we gonna go then?” is truly a million-dollar question for teens.

Deciding on the perfect date can be challenging, specifically with the limited amount of money that teens usually have as students. However, you came to this article to find a solution, and that’s exactly what we’re going to give you! This article includes 10 thoughtful dating ideas that won’t break your bank account – we’ve got you covered.  

Dating advice for teens

Depending upon a few important factors, dating as a teen could easily be one of the best phases of your life. These factors include clear understanding of some concepts that make a teenager’s situation different than the main character in the movies.   

If you take influence from the mainstream media for your dating, most of the time you won’t have enough money to replicate the adventures of movie couples, other times you may not even be granted the permission by your parents.  Be in the real world, plan creative yet realistic dates, and sometimes consider involving your group of friends if you know for a fact that they’ll make the day a hundred times better – friends do it so easily.  

Should you have a date at home?

Having these complications doesn’t, in any way, mean that you should just be locked inside a room watching TV together. Occasionally, doing that is fine, there’s a charm to it too but you shouldn’t do it because you have to.   

There’s a ton of fun activities you could plan ahead of time and make each date count. This article lists down ideas for different age-groups of teen couples, and hopefully, you’ll refer to them and realize that it’s not that hard of a task. The whole city is yours for exploration, just plan it out, that’s all you’ve got to do.  

Date ideas for 13 years old and 14 years old

1. Play in the snow together

Considering a 13-year old teen relationship, there’s obviously not going to be much money in your pockets. But money isn’t always the answer, you could do a lot without it too. Take advantage of the weather! Snowfalls in the winter could be extremely fun to experience together – not to mention, romantic too.  Cover up well with clothing and go together for some slippery, snowy fun outside. Try sledding, or a snowball fight – who doesn’t love a day like that?  

2. Go bowling

Yep, sounds cliché but bowling is never a bad option to consider when it comes to teenage dating in general. It’s always been the classic couples’ activity, and for good reason! There’s a chance to compete against each other in a friendly way that opens up individuals naturally. It brings originality between the two people in a relationship – because when you’re being thrashed by spares in a bowling competition, behaving likeably isn’t a priority, is it? Celebrate your or your partner’s win with a snack you both enjoy – perhaps chicken fingers with fries on the side? You can’t go wrong with that.  

3. Paint with each other

You don’t have to be good at painting to enjoy it, you don’t even have to be artistic! Just grab your favorite colors and take a wild shot at the paper, do it together! You could set up a small contest to draw the best portrait of your dog, winner gets a snack treat at the corner store.  

The point of giving you these ideas is that when you’re in an honestly valuable relationship, you can make sense out of anything. Just being together is enough to make the day a lot better, use it to your advantage and have fun with each other in all the simple ways you can.  

4. Visit a museum

This idea adds up to the whole attempt to keep the suggestions economical here for the teenagers. Most museums aren’t there with a fixed price on the tickets and other museums would even let students in for free! Being a student has its perks, why not use that in your dating endeavors?   

Make the trip educational while you go out together, it can be more fun than you think. Especially if your significant other is into history or artifacts, the interests of the individuals in the relationship matter a lot.  

5. A coffee date!

Ah, the most basic idea of them all. Just like bowling, this one’s a classic for a reason too! There’s something unexplainably amazing about getting into a cozy little coffee shop, with fun songs playing in the background and a chill vibe with the perfect lighting. You could even run through each other’s playlist and maybe you’ll find out which is ‘our song’. Try it out as a date at any place you both like, because the great thing about a coffee date is that even the most expensive one will probably just cost you 10 bucks, that’s it. Who knows, that spot might become a go-to for you guys whenever you feel down.  

Date ideas for 15 years old and 16 years old

6. Hike a cliff together!

Plan a hike and head outside to conquer a hill together! It’s always an exciting activity to do together, it may be extremely exhausting or tiring but it’s all worth it. Just make sure you’ve got the right safety equipment though; safety should be the utmost priority when it comes to adventurous ideas like these. There are plenty of fun outdoor activities like hiking that are totally free for you to explore, all you need is the intent for it. Your city has a lot to offer, make use of it!  

7. How about swimming?

The weather just has to be warm enough for it, and you can hit a local pool, or better – the beach! There’s no competition for a beach date in the sun, it’s just way too romantic to think twice about it. The best part, again, is that it’s free. Splashing around in the waves together is an activity that’s always underestimated in terms of the sheer fun you guys would have together. It’s an excuse for the both of you to get one tone tanner too, eh?  

8. Try couples’ yoga

Trust me, it’s not as lame as it may sound to you. Yoga can be a great way to bond with each other, all you need is a mat, and clothes that let your body work freely, that’s all. It’s good for your bodies physically, and more importantly, it’ll be absolutely hilarious watching one another attempting to master the poses you’ll see in the pictures. It’s a great way to relax, improve coordination with each other, and also making memories. These are the things that count the most as teens, aren’t they?   

9. Go mini-golfing!

It’s a cheap, competitive, and an incredibly fun idea to go mini-golfing with your significant other. The anticipation involved before taking shots, and laughing at each other for missing the easiest ones, it all adds up to accumulating memorable moments together. There’s no chance of boredom in this option, literally. There are ton of such activities you can go to for indoor sports, try this out before you look for more though!  

10. Hit up an amusement park

You don’t have to try every ride they have, but just a stroll in an amusement park with a few adventurous rides here and there can add up to be an extremely exciting experience with your partner. Going on dates that involve thrilling activities, that get the heart racing, are much more likely to incite feelings of affection and happiness with the partne, as you hold on to each other for dear life. wink  Rides at an amusement park are always a great idea to achieve just that, grab some snacks on the way and make the day count! 


The key is to learn that you can enjoy the simplest of activities when they’re done together. The date doesn’t have to cost a lot for it to be memorable when the two of you accompany each other. When you realize that, every date will be truly special. Then, when you do find yourself able to afford a nice date at a fancy restaurant, that’s just going to be a whole another level of fun for you both. All the best!  


The Best Free and Top Paid Dating Sites for Women

Navigating through dating sites and platforms isn’t as simple for the ladies as it may be for men. It can be intimidating, rough, and nerve-wrecking for someone who’s trying it out for the first time. The world is moving to the internet, even the markets have done it and the trend is no different when it comes to dating. Online dating has become a norm for years now, it’s time you set yourself up for it.  

Every woman has distinct priorities for finding the perfect match, which makes choosing the right dating site a challenging task in itself. This article lists down a few notable ones, keep reading to know more about them!   

Tips on how to use a dating sites

Online dating can be summed up in a few prominent steps, they’re listed as follows;  

  • Finding the best dating site that suits you! 

  • Creating your dating profile. 

  • Awaiting matches, chatting with people you find attractive.  

  • Meeting up with them! 

The concept may sound pretty simple when it’s listed down like that, but each of these steps can be discussed for hours! There’s nothing to worry about in that though, because it shouldn’t ever be taken as a ‘liability’ to do everything right, but rather take it as a journey. Every step you take in this journey is going to be exciting if you want it to be. 

Age range of users from dating sites

There’s no age restriction on online dating, women of all age groups are welcome because they’ll be greeted by men of their own age group too! Everyone desires love, it’s our innate nature, doesn’t matter what of what gender, race, or age we are.   

From teens to single-parents, all types of people are putting themselves out there through dating websites. It’s an extremely comfortable way to see who you can find, and you can selectively choose which guy you feel like talking to among the matches you get. Now, that’s something you won’t be able to do in real life.  

Type of relationships you are looking for

A variety of people comes with a wide range of objectives that different types of people look to accomplish through dating websites. Quite frankly, some men over there are looking for one-night stands too, while some truly venture out to find the love of their life – you’ll be able to tell them apart quite easily though.  

People are obviously there trying out online dating for their very first time as well, which means there’s absolutely no need to be nervous if you’re one of them too. Know that you’re not alone! You can think of it as a city in its own, there are teens looking to find other teens, mature single parents looking to get into a serious relationship with other mature people, you name it.  

The best free dating sites

1. Elite Singles

One of the best dating sites for educated singles

Source: EliteSingles

All of our website suggestions cater to specific needs of the people, so if you’re someone who has an emphasis on the education of their potential life partner, is highly recommended for you. They claim that a huge majority, close to 80% of the members, are doctorate, bachelor’s or master’s degree holders.  

They offer a totally free lifetime subscription, equipped with all the basic features you’ll need on the website. The website has a unique and smart matchmaking pattern which will make things super easy for you, as it delivers you at least 3 to 7 suitable matches each day.  

2. Zoosk

Online Dating Site & Dating App with 40 Million Singles

Source: Zoosk

Zoosk isn’t that far behind when it comes to popularity, with about 30 million visits on their site on a monthly basis. People look for all kinds of relationships here, whether it be fun dates for having a great day with a new person, or potentially building up a long-term relationship. It’ll suit you no matter what sort of aim you have in mind with you online dating endeavors. You could opt for the paid version too; many people think it’s worth it. However, as a free-member, the site allows you to purchase coins that you can choose to spend on various additional features such as boosting one’s profile in the search results, or sending gifts virtually etc.  

What makes Zoosk especially popular with singles is that it’s directly integrated with giant social media platforms like Google+ and Facebook. This also explains the huge active-user data base of Zoosk, currently comprising of 38 million, with 3,000,000 messages exchanged every day, phew!  

3. eHarmony

#1 Trusted Dating Site for Like-Minded Singles

Source: eHarmony

This is a website you should go to if you’re specifically looking to build a serious, deep relationship with a deserving guy. You’ll find casual dates here too, but the forte of the site comprises of people looking for long-term partnerships.  

eHarmony has helped a whole lot of people in finding love, many of such cases have ended up in the eternal bond of marriage too. Here’s a surprising fact; eHarmony’s user base accounts for a whopping 2% of the entirety of marriages occurring in the US. It has 4.1 million visits every month, but the crowd here is supposed to be a lot more serious about things than other platforms.  

The best paid dating sites

1. Chemistry

An Online Dating Site for Singles


A personality test is especially designed which every subscriber takes, and based on the results to that test, similar people are matched. It divides users into different personality categories such as “explorers”, “negotiators”, “directors”, or “builders” etc. It offers a guided support automatically through putting forward suitable activities that matched individuals can participate in and become close to each other naturally. It also features same-sex matching, which is still rare to be found in many popular e-dating platforms. It’s paid, it costs $39.99 per month, the 3-month subscription offer will cost you $26.99, and the semi-annual deal costs $20.99/month.  

2. Match

The Leading Online Dating Site for Singles & Personals

Source:® has basically been the leader of them all, since 1995, mainly because of their repute and an unmatched success-rate, all while offering a free lifetime subscription to the users. The subscription lasts forever and you’re allowed to do all the necessary things with it, such as creating your own profile, uploading photos, surfing through other singles’ profiles, get messages, and sending ‘winks’ to others virtually. But you can’t contact others through instant message or email without a paid subscription. It’s one-month, three-month, and six-month subscription packages cost $31.99, $17.99, $15.99 per month respectively (standard).   

They have almost a whopping 40 million visits on their website every month, with an all-single user base. This is a site you shouldn’t miss out on if you’re looking for a place that has it all. It provides a guarantee to the paid users that if they don’t find someone in 6 months, the next 6 months are free.  

3. Our Time

Online Dating Site for Men & Women Over 50


This one’s for the mature women out there who are looking to re-enter the world of dating. It’s specially designed for singles that are over the age of 50 and finding someone for sharing a serious bond. It’s been growing in popularity pretty fast, as more and more mature users turn towards the trend of online dating. It’s entirely free to set your profile up and browse through other single profiles, but a paid subscription is required in order to contact your matches.  

It’s originated by the creators of themselves, which gives it a certain credibility in itself. It also uses a personality-based matchmaking pattern, and you can choose your own matches among the options suggested through the automated algorithm. It also allows same-sex matches, and its per-month costs are $19.99, $17.99, and $11.99 for one-month, three-month, and six-month subscription deals respectively.  


Every website has a focus of its own when it comes to fulfilling different priorities of users, this article has listed down one of each kind. Now that you’ve read about them here, go ahead and explore them yourself to get a feel of what they’re truly about, and which one you connected to the most. It’s not about which website everyone’s using, it’s about which website matches your own particular needs in the best way possible.  

Whichever website you may choose though, remember that all of their efforts are to make things easier for the users to browse, connect, and meet potential partners. If you feel nervous about it, just know that the other party is just as nervous as you, so take a deep breath and open yourself up for new beginnings. 


Number Games That You Should Let Your Kids Play

Games, as interactive and enjoyable as they are, can be incredibly educational too. They’ve been used pretty commonly to spread awareness and teach valuable lessons through story-based storylines of games. Story-lines are added in pretty advanced and graphic-oriented games, but even the simplest ones, such as number games for kids, could be seriously educational for your child.  

Number games are designed with a core objective of helping children understand numbers well, while building their skills up. It’s a really simple concept, especially for younger kids, and it makes sure that your child enjoys the process of learning new things.   

What are Number Games?

Number games introduce numerical concepts to kids in the most interesting way possible. They’re meant to be enjoyed, while stimulating the thinking skills of a young child. Number games could involve various pattern activities such as classifying digits as fractions, decimals or whole numbers, guiding kids by a mathematical journey they can truly enjoy.  

Number any group of objects from 0-9, and there’s an opportunity to create a powerful learning tool for children to absorb a variety of number skills. It has never been easier to teach kids the basics of problem solving, addition, or subtraction. Keep reading the article to find out the best ones you can try out with your kids initially.  

Number Games for Kindergarten Kids

The choice of number games depends majorly on what the kid’s age is. If they’re too young, or kindergarteners, a decimal or fraction classification game wouldn’t be the most appropriate one for them.  

Here’s the beauty of it though, these games are never restricted to a particular age limit. They can be modified and adjusted to cater to the needs of children of all ages, regardless of their level of understanding.  

There are games specially designed for first learners as well, kindergarten kids of ages less than 5. With no technical concepts involved and just the information of the first few number sequences, these games are the best thing to refer to for building a strong mathematical foundation for your kindergarten kids.  

1-20 Recognition Games

1. Count with Pictures

You could use 10 or 20 hard-copy pictures of a something your child likes a lot; it could be dinosaurs, dolls, Iron Man, anything! The first photo would have one dinosaur, the second would have two, the third would have three and so on. These sets of pictures are easy to find in the market or online, or you can make your own, that could be a fun activity to do with your child as well.  

Now write a number down at the back of every photo that represents how many dinosaurs there are in each specific photo. It makes it super easy for the kid to learn numbers in a sequence, all while being amazed at the majesty of their favorite creatures!  

2. Backyard Number Hunt

Now that your kids are confident in knowing the first twenty numbers and their right sequence, it’s time to test it out through an exciting physical activity in your backyard. Take 10 number sticks and hide them around your backyard, and challenge your kid to find and arrange them in the right sequence.  

Feel free to help them whenever they need help, because you’re there to point them in the right direction, it’s all for their enjoyment and learning anyway! Reward them with their favorite treats if they get it right, this will keep them motivated for more learning in the future.  

3. Numbered Lego Brick Building

Here’s a game to really engrave the memory of the number sequence into your kid’s mind, all while getting their whole body involved in this fun physical math game. Shuffle and scatter around numbered Lego bricks around your kid from 0 to 20 and ask them to build a tower with the lowest number at the bottom and the highest at the top! 

We’ve put this game in the last because this one involves the interesting concept of ascending and descending order of numbers as well. They’ll understand that the numbers are ascending as the bricks are set from bottom to top. if they view the tower from top to bottom, numbers will be descending.  Make sure they notice these pointers to make the most out of this learning experience.  

Number Games for above 5 Year Olds

1. Building Bead Numbers

You’ll need some basic materials for this, such as beads, crafting wire, tape, and a marker. Start by cutting each wire in half and attach a small tape to its bottom, then fold the sticky sides over together and you’ve created a label for the wire. Now write a number on each wire (0 – 9) on nine different wires.  

Now it’s time to have your kid count and insert the exact number of beads along the wire, as written on its taped label. Once they’re done with that, have them fold and shape the craft wire into that number’s shape. This will instill the skill of counting through beads, and it’ll make sure they never forget the shape of the numbers as they’re building it themselves. Once they’re done with all 9 numbers, challenge them to arrange each one from greatest to least.  

2. Make Numbers – Smash Numbers!

Kids love play dough, why not make use of that? It’s specially a great game if your kid’s a kinesthetic learner. Assign one specific number to the child and they’ll have to roll the play-dough into snakes to form the shape of the assigned number. Once they’re done with it, have them roll the same number of dough balls as that specific number represents, and they finally get to smash each ball as they count after they’re finished. It’s fun, creative, and keeps the child wishing for more! 

3. Writing and Stamping Numbers

You’ll need a paper, a pencil, and a self-inking stamp (or a few of these). The nature of this game depends slightly on whether your child has learned writing on yet, or not. If not, you’ll need a highlighter to help them with the first step of drawing a specific number. If they’re already able to write numbers on their own, all you have to do is to assign them a number orally. They’ll start by writing the number down with a pencil. Now have them pick up the self-inking stamp and place it on the paper for as many times as the number represents. Once they’re done, have them count and mark down each stamp one by one.  

Recommended Sites for Online Number Games


Fun Math Practice for Kindergarten to Grade 5

Source: Splash Math

Splash math is quite honestly the best website you can find when it comes to looking for number games online. They have it all, delivering helpful games for kids of all age groups, covering all the basic topics of mathematics separately. From kindergarten to grade 1 – 5, they’ve provided a list on the left of their homepage which allows you to click on the relevant section depending on your child’s age. Just below that list, they’ve provided a topic-wise classification, just click on the topic you think needs more practice.  Browse through their games, they have hundreds of them!  


#1 Educational Site for Pre-K through 5


With a simple web address like that, even your kid can visit this website on their own. They’re homepage is also equipped with a “by-grade” list, letting you choose according to your needs. Unlike, this website isn’t only limited to mathematics. They’ve also added typing games which help kids get better at a skill they’ll use all their lives. With printable worksheets, a range of online games, and special guided lessons, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for here.   


Give Your Brain A Workout!

Source: Math Games

This website has a vibrant blue theme that naturally appeals to a kid’s eyes. It has multiplayer games too, which means 2 or more of your children could possibly play together in a constructive competition, all while learning math! With “math arcade”, “story math” or “logic games”, you’ve got a classified variety of directions to choose from for the learning journey of your kid. Your children could watch helpful math videos as well, to learn new things, and later test their skills with supporting games.  


It’s all about making it as fun and interactive as possible for the kids. We all know how quickly educational sessions can get boring, and that’s something every child will experience sooner or later. But in the earliest stages of their learning, using activities that make them move around in the back yard, or allow them to create stuff on their own using beads or dough, it all adds up to a valuable experience that the children will never get tired of. Pay attention to what type of activities your child loves the most and find more of the same kind!  


What is the Pregnancy Weight Gained over 9 Months

“Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder, and I sit here in the middle of it all and wonder who in the world you will turn out to be.” – Carrie Fisher

For some mothers to be, pregnancy is a time of pure joy. Many women report feeling healthy, energetic and strong throughout their pregnancy. Others, claim to feel only nauseous, tired and fat. The pregnancy experience varies greatly by a woman and by pregnancy. While every woman gains weight while pregnant, the thinking about how much weight is appropriate and within healthy guidelines has changed over the years. Even as recently as the 1970’s women were warned against gaining more than 15 pounds during pregnancy, These days, doctors focus much more on the health of the mother and her unborn baby and recommendations for weight gain amounts vary based on the mother’s pre-pregnancy weight.

According to the March of Dimes (MOD), a non-profit organization with a mission of helping moms to have full-term pregnancies and give birth to healthy babies, it’s important that mother begin their pregnancies at a healthy weight. Being overweight or underweight before getting pregnant can lead to complications which may put both mother and baby at risk. MOD also advises that gaining too much or too little weight during pregnancy can be harmful. According to their website, gaining too little weight can cause premature birth, meaning the baby is born before 37 weeks. Gaining too little weight can also cause a baby to be born with low birth weight, or less than five pounds, eight ounces.

Gaining too much weight though, the organization states can also cause significant problems for mother and baby. If too much weight is gained complications can include premature birth or a condition known as fetal macrosomia. This occurs when the baby weighs more than eight pounds, 13 ounces. The condition can lead to problems during labor and heavy bleeding. Finally, gaining too much weight can put mothers at risk for developing gestational diabetes and hypertension both of which can be very serious if left untreated. Women who gain too much weight are also more likely to need a cesarean section (also known as c-section) a surgical birth.

Guidelines to pregnancy weight gain

So how much weight should a mother gain in order to remain healthy and increase the chances of giving birth to a full term, healthy baby? The answer varies based on a mother’s health and something called body mass index or BMI. BMI is calculated based on an individual’s height and weight and measures percentage of body fat. You can calculate your BMI using this BMI calculator.

To help you determine if your BMI is within a healthy range, the American Cancer Society offers the following guidelines.

  • Underweight: BMI is less than 18.5.
  • Normal weight: BMI is 18.5 to 24.9.
  • Overweight: BMI is 25 to 29.9.
  • Obese: BMI is 30 or more.

According to the March of Dimes a woman who is pregnant with one baby should gain anywhere between 11 and 40 pounds based on her BMI at the start of her pregnancy. For example a woman in America within the healthy BMI range of 18.5 to 24.9 should gain between 25-35 pounds during her pregnancy. The number is higher for those pregnant with twins. However, for a woman with a higher BMI the amount of recommended weight gain is less. For an obese woman with a BMI of 30 or more, it is suggested that she gain between 11 and 20 pounds over the course of her pregnancy.

Eating a healthy diet is always important, but never more so than during pregnancy. It is important for pregnant women to eat a diet rich in a variety of fruit and vegetables. Pregnant women should also consume whole grains such as whole grain bread and bulgur, rice, corn, oats and more. Moms to be should also eat lean proteins such as turkey, chicken and fish, and healthy fats like olive oil and avocado. In addition, it is important to consume certain nutrients during pregnancy. These are folate and folic acid, calcium, vitamin D and iron. Many women take special vitamins during pregnancy as recommended by their doctors to ensure they are consuming these critical nutrients.

Timelines of pregnancy weight gain by month

While doctors do utilize various charts to gauge and compare the amount of weight gained by women throughout their pregnancies, it is important to know that these are just guidelines and everyone is different. Women do not gain weight at consistent rates throughout their pregnancies. Therefore variations from these charts are no need to panic. Be sure to discuss your weight, your diet and your health with your OB/GYN.

If we use the example mentioned above, a healthy woman in America with a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 who is pregnant with one child, who will gain about 25-35 pounds over the course of her pregnancy, her monthly weight gain calendar could look something like this according to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG.)
Months 1 and 2 – no weight gain
Month 3 – up to 4 pounds gained
Months 4 – 9  up to 4.3 pounds gained per month

TOTAL = 30 pounds

Losing the weight gain post pregnancy

Many women fear that following birth, they will struggle to lose the weight gained over the course of the pregnancy. While some women do struggle, others lose the weight more easily. Here are some tips and tricks which may help stimulate weight loss.

1. Don’t cut too many calories

It may sound obvious but drastic crash diets and calorie restriction is not a smart move for anyone, and especially not for new moms. Women who are breastfeeding and caring for a newborn require calories to remain healthy and active. If normally consuming 2000 calories per day, consider cutting out 300 calories per day and burning an additional 200 through a moderate exercise to achieve weight loss.

2. Consider breastfeeding

While breastfeeding has many benefits for babies, some women feel that breastfeeding initially makes it harder for them to lose weight after giving birth. However, in the long term breastfeeding may actually help women lose more weight. This makes sense as producing breast milk requires fat and calories.

3. Drink more water

This is a good weight loss tip for any woman (or man) who wants to lose weight. Hydration is critical for proper digestion and elimination. Also, dehydration can make us think we are hungry when in fact, we are actually in need of water. Be sure to drink water though…sugary drinks like soda and fruit juice can lead to unwanted weight gain.

4. Walk

Taking your baby to the mall, around the block or to the park all adds up to a little bit of extra movement which can gently and easily help you to lose weight without strenuous exercise.

5. Trick yourself

One new mom we know said that she didn’t allow herself to buy any new clothes so her only choices were maternity wear and pre-pregnancy clothing. This allowed her to gauge her weight loss without the scale and set a goal to lose weight before her maternity leave ended.


When it comes to pregnancy weight gain many of us tend to fall into one of two categories. The first is the mom to be who is afraid to gain too much weight and tries everything within her power not to do so. While being disciplined and healthy are good things, it’s important to gain enough weight to ensure a healthy, full-term baby.

On the other hand, there is sometimes a tendency to splurge, eat unhealthy foods or larger portions while pregnant. We’ve all heard the phrase “eating for two.” While an occasional treat or large meal won’t hurt mom or baby, being pregnant is not a license to go wild. It’s certainly understandable that feeling tired or fat can cause a bit of depression and food cravings certainly don’t help. But it’s important to manage your weight gain and to stay within healthy guidelines.

If you’re planning to become pregnant, it can also be helpful to focus on achieving a healthy weight and good fitness level before conception. This will allow you to develop healthy habits which will last throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Finally, maintaining a healthy diet and good exercise habits allows you to set a healthy example for your child, a gift that will last a lifetime.


The Various Pregnancy Classes to Enrich Your Baby Journey

A list of Pregnancy Classes available for couples, mom or dads

Pregnancy and childbirth classes instill in future parents the knowledge and confidence to manage their baby journey. Every pregnancy is unique, and sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned, classes prepare parents for any outcome and manage their expectations throughout the entire experience.
Along with learning breathing techniques, pregnancy classes give you a platform to talk to healthcare providers about your fears and concerns, ask your labor and delivery as well as antenatal questions and meet other people who share your concerns.

It’s not only about the ‘’oohs and the aahhs!’’, you see in the movies, some childbirth classes cover specific types of births, such as C-section, natural birth and multiple births. It’s not only for first-time parents, but refresher courses are also available for parents who simply want a review or more information. Other classes focus on specific methods of childbirth such as:

  • Lamaze
  • The Bradley Method
  • Hypnobirthing
  • Informed Beginnings 
  • Birthing from Within

Childbirth pregnancy classes and their benefits

Related image

1. Learn about labor, delivery and postpartum care

Childbirth classes will teach you and your partner a thing or two about what happens to your body during pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum. You’ll find out how to identify the signs of labor and stage of the journey as your baby makes his or her way into the world.

2. Address your fears

During childbirth classes, you’ll have the chance to talk about your fears with other women who share your concerns. The instructor will dispel myths and ease your fears, classes will build your confidence in your body’s natural ability to birth.

3. Connect with your partner

Childbirth classes will teach your partner or labor coach about childbirth and how to support you during labor. It also creates a special bond between mom and dads.

4. Discuss options for handling pain

The Perils of Perfectionism :   It was their first prenatal class. Jennifer was 20 weeks pregnant and she and her husband were happy for the chance to hang out with other couples who were newly pregnant. After all none of their friends had children yet and they were ready to share their experience with others.  But as they waited for the class to start Jennifer looked around at the other couples in the small classroom. She saw beautiful pregnant women in beautiful clothes. She saw happy intimate

You’ll practice methods for managing pain such as breathing techniques, massage, relaxation, and visualization. Most classes also cover the pros and cons of medications, such as epidurals.

5. Discuss complications and medical interventions

Most women have a birth plan but sometimes there are complications and things don’t go as planned. In such instances, it’s always good to have a plan B in place. Childbirth classes will teach you basics medical intervention procedures, routines for handling complications and all you need to know if things don’t go as plan. 

6. Check out the facility

This is a good way to get to know the facility you’ll be using, find out about policies and standard procedures. You might tour the facility you’ve chosen and got a feel of the atmosphere, the doctors and equipment.

7. Brush up on newborn care

You and your partner will be taught a lot about a newborn, everything from breastfeeding to changing diapers, to choosing a pediatrician, and bathing.

Lamaze pregnancy classes and its benefits

Founded in France by Dr. Fernand Lamaze, the “Lamaze method” uses breathing and relaxation techniques to increase confidence in your ability to give birth naturally. Lamaze classes help future parents understand how to cope with pain in ways that both facilitate labor and promote comfort. It focuses on breathing and massage, Lamaze revolves around 6 fundamental principles:

1. Let labor begin on its own
2. Walk, move around and change positions throughout labor
3. Bring a loved one, friend or doula for continuous support
4. Avoid interventions that are not medically necessary
5. Avoid giving birth on your back and follow your body’s urges to push
6. Keep mother and baby together – It’s best for mother, baby, and breastfeeding

1. Communication

Lamaze helps you to know how to better communicate with your healthcare providers during labor, to make sure your needs are met and your desires are respected. It teaches your partner how to encourage and support during labor and informs you of complications that may arise as well as medical interventions that are necessary. Lamaze gives you the tools to be a participant rather than a spectator during childbirth.

2. Managing pain

hand, man, person, black and white, people, woman

Lamaze teaches you the appropriate body mechanics to reduce the pain and discomfort of pregnancy and childbirth. It focuses on breathing and relaxation techniques to manage pain, such as massage, hydrotherapy, meditation, walking, and position changes. Classes also discuss medical interventions like epidurals and other pharmacological options, their pros, cons, risks, benefits and everything you need to know to make an informed decision should the need arise.

3. Helps with anxiety and fear

It helps you to know what to expect during pregnancy, childbirth, and labor provides moral support and education that will ease your fears and build your confidence. The Lamaze method prepares you to handle contractions without relying on pain medication. The classes aren’t just about breathing techniques, they expand to more holistic ways of thinking, including psychological counseling.

Aqua Pregnancy classes and its benefits

Also known as Aquanatal classes, these are specifically devised exercises for pregnant women carried out in water. Aquanatal classes offer pregnant women an opportunity to exercise safely and to maximum effect from weeks 20 – 40 of pregnancy, they are usually conducted by a physiotherapist. Water gives you the freedom to move lightly and the sensation of being agile and flexible, sensations that are rare during pregnancy.  Here are some of its benefits:

4. Increased Energy And Stamina 

During pregnancy, exercise is extremely important, and water is a great medium for keeping fit. Water acts as a supportive medium as it reduces the risk of injury and ensures no muscle soreness. The strain gotten from water activities makes for a bigger challenge that will increase muscle tone, strengthen your core and wear you out so you can sleep better. Especially at the later stage of pregnancy when everything is much more difficult.

5. Improves All Aspects Of Health

Water gives you the opportunity to exercise without overheating and without endangering your body. It improves blood circulation, reduces leg and ankle swelling, reduces the appearance of varicose veins and improves bowel movement as well as your overall health. 

6. Prepares You For Childbirth

Aquanatal exercises teach you the essentials of childbirth, breathing techniques and promotes mental well-being by providing mental and physical relaxation exercises leading to ‘’happy hormones’’ and reducing the risk of postnatal depression. It improves balance and coordination, core stability, promotes pelvic floor awareness and reduces fluid retention all of which you need to prepare for labor and delivery.

Yoga pregnancy classes and its benefits

Prenatal yoga is a great way to workout for moms-to-be, and it also provides good preparation for delivery and beyond. Medical experts at the Mayo Clinic say prenatal yoga is “a multifaceted approach to exercise that encourages stretching, mental centering and focused breathing.” These are some of the areas yoga can alleviate and improve.

7. Works on Breathing

Breathing is a very important part of delivering a baby, it helps to relax the body and take your mind from the pain and strain. Known as pranayama, the breathing part of yoga uses the abdominals and the diaphragm to breathe. These deep breath right from the belly stills the mind and shuts down everything else including pain. 

8.  Improves Posture

As your baby and belly grow so too does your center of gravity changes. Your upper and lower body become disproportionate, affecting your balance and causing back pain and strain.  Chakravakasana gently works all four abdominals to give them strength and yoga poses to teach you how to find the right balance between your upper and lower body.  

9. Strengthens the Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor is a layer of muscles that are attached to the pelvis. This muscle supports the vital reproductive and digestive organs, as well as the baby during pregnancy and plays a vital role in sexual intercourse for both men and women.
Pregnancy and childbirth have the ability to weaken the pelvic floor and start serious health issues, but yoga exercises strengthen the pelvic floor and build their muscles. A weakened pelvic floor can cause low back or lower abdominal pain, constipation or incomplete bowel or bladder emptying, urinary or stool incontinence, sagging of the uterus, bladder, or rectum and a lot more.


Whichever route you chose to take, do yourself and your baby a favor: TAKE A CLASS! It will educate, prepare, support and motivate you through this amazing experience called childbirth. You’ll be empowered to feel in charge and participate instead of being a spectator or a victim of unfolding events. It doesn’t matter if you decide to go natural or have medical assistance, pregnancy and birth classes will provide all the information you need to navigate your pregnancy smoothly and make an informed decision with a serene mind should the need arise. Have a great delivery and enjoy your pregnancy journey!


Top 20 Best Cosmetic Brands Every Girl Should Know

The world of makeup is evolving at a rapid clip. New, fresh and innovative cosmetic brands are exploding onto the scene every day. Equally exciting, many of these brands are built on strong social and environmental philosophies and their products are not only making women look fabulous, but are helping to make the world a bit more beautiful too.  Today’s hottest brands were created by a mix of professional makeup artists, celebrities and regular people who just love makeup. All the brands that made our list are cruelty free and many sell vegan and gluten free products. And most lovely of all, the brands listed all feature products that will make wearers look gorgeous and glam. Here is our ultimate guide to help you navigate the world of cosmetics in 2019.

Top Cosmetic Brands that are trending right now

1. The Crayon Case

The Crayon Case

Source: The Crayon Case

Encouraging customers to treat their face as if it’s a blank canvas, this bold makeup line was created by entrepreneur and internet sensation Raynell Supa Steward. Their flagship product, the box of crayons palette, contains 18 bright shades that regular people and make up artists alike will adore. This popular product is often sold out, so check the website frequently. 

2. Too faced

Makeup, Cosmetics & Beauty Products Online

Source: Too Faced

A top selling international brand, Too faced was launched in the 1990’s by founders  who wanted to create makeup that was both glamorous and feminine. Some Too Faced products are vegan but all are cruelty free. Makeup mogul Kylie Jenner reportedly uses Too Faced Born This Way Foundation.

3. Ilia Beauty

ILIA Beauty

ILIA Beauty

Focused on “clean beauty,” Ilia’s philosophy is that not every natural product is good for the body and similarly not every synthetic product is bad. We love the beautiful packing and the very reasonable prices. Some products are vegan and the whole line is 100% cruelty free.

4. e.l.f. Cosmetics

Affordable Makeup & Beauty Products

Source: e.l.f. Cosmetics- Cruelty Free

One of the fastest growing beauty companies in America, e.lf. creates high quality products that are affordable for all. Students can even apply for a 15% discount on purchases!  E.l.f. products can be found at their free standing stores in New York, New Jersey and California and products are also sold at Target and Walmart.

5. Dose of Colors

Dose of Colors

Source: Dose of Colors

Founded in 2013, Dose of Colors may be best known for their collaboration with Disney to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday. The Mickey collection features beautiful, classic shades for lips and eyes. Many Dose of Colors lovers also claim to be addicted to the line’s Matte Liquid Lipstick.

6. Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty

Source: Fenty Beauty

Created by superstar Rhianna, Fenty is best known for its wide range of products suitable for all skin tones and especially for extensive products available for consumers with dark skin. Fans can also shop easily for Rhianna’s personal favorite products on the Fenty website.

7. Beauty Counter

Clean Beauty | Safer Skin Care

Source: Beautycounter

Started by a mom on a mission to create products free of harmful chemicals, Beauty Counter has a “never list” of 1500 questionable products that they pledge not to use. The company offers skincare, makeup and bath products and users can search the website by concern, meaning whether it’s acne, dryness or combination skin which is a problem, the site will filter results to show products which are suitable.

8. Tarte Cosmetics

Makeup, Skincare & Beauty Products

Source: Tarte Cosmetics

With a nifty loyalty program, tartlettes, as Tarte customers are known, can earn reward points when purchasing online and by posting on social media about the line. The Tarte website also features a foundation finder questionnaire of sorts allowing shoppers to choose the right foundation based on skin type and desired look.  Products are not tested on animals and are gluten free. Some Tarte products are also vegan.

9. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner

Source: Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner

When entertainment mogul Kylie Jenner launched her makeup line a few years ago, fans famously “broke the internet” as they furiously rushed to purchase Kylie’s Lip Kit. The line, which is one of the fastest growing cosmetic brands in the world, now includes a full range of makeup items which help wearers mimic Kylie’s ultra cool, glamorous and always on point aesthetic. Kylie cosmetics are not tested on animals.

Vegan Cosmetic Brands

10. Plum & York

Plum & York

Plum & York

So unique, Plum & York sells nothing but lipstick and their products are only available online. Plum & York is cruelty free, gluten free, and vegan and every purchase helps a woman in need through one of three charities that this company supports.

11. Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup | Live Your Look

Source: Milk Makeup | Live Your Look

Cruelty free and 100% vegan, Milk Makeup boasts products that create “fresh-face street vibes to full-face studio looks.” Recently voted one of Teen Vogue’s coolest beauty brands, Milk Makeup and skin care products are available online and at Sephora.

12. Thrive Causemetics

@thrivecausemetics / Instagram

Thrive Causemetics | Luxury Beauty that Gives Back

Source: Thrive Causemetics | Luxury Beauty that Gives Back

No that’s not a typo. With every product sold, a donation is made to a cause that helps women thrive. This luxury brand recently donated over $25 million worth of products to charity partners across the U.S. All products are vegan, cruelty free, paraben free and sulfate free. The brand is loved by makeup artists, including Ashley Donovan, a celebrity makeup artist who has worked with Kelly Clarkson and other celebs.  

13. Lime Crime

Lime Crime: Vegan & Cruelty Free Makeup for Unicorns – Lime Crime

Source: Lime Crime: Vegan & Cruelty Free Makeup for Unicorns – Lime Crime

If for no other reason, you should check out Lime Crime for their cool tagline, ”makeup for unicorns.” The vegan, cruelty free Lime Crime products include not only makeup but award winning hair color. The company’s mission; to create products and experiences that transport you to a magical world where you can express yourself unapologetically, experiment with every color of the rainbow and escape from looking like everyone else. That sounds fun to us!

14. Kat Von D Beauty

@katvondbeauty / Instagram

Kat Von D Makeup Collection | Kat Von D Beauty

Source: Kat Von D Makeup Collection | Kat Von D Beauty

Super cool American tattoo artist, model and musician Kat Von D. launched her makeup line in 2014 and her bold products have been evolving ever since. Kat is an animal lover and the line became 100% vegan in 2018. Von D. is intimately involved in every aspect of development and production including personally testing formulas and creatively naming shades. A true makeup lover, Kat says she never lets anyone see her without her makeup.  

International Cosmetic Brands

15. Oriflame Cosmetics

Oriflame Cosmetics


This Swedish direct sales brand is available through more than 3 million independent consultants worldwide. While the company is not new (it was founded in 1967) it’s commitment to social and environmental well being make Oriflame products very relevant today. Acne sufferers will love the Oriflame SOS spot gel which testers say reduces blemishes within 24 hours of application. For U.S. baed customers Oriflame products are easily purchased through Amazon. 

16. Charlotte Tilbury


Official Site: Makeup, Skin Care & Beauty

Source: Charlotte Tilbury

Founded by British makeup artist Tilbury in 2013, this U.K. based brand’s bold motto is “give a woman the right makeup and she can conquer the world.” Tilbury knows cosmetics and her celebrity clients have included Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss and Amal Clooney.

17. Makeup Forever

Professional Makeup| International

Source: Make Up For Ever

This French brand was created by professional makeup artist Dany Sanz for professional use but the products are loved by everyday makeup wearers as well. Fans adore the line’s Mat Velvet + Foundation which hides imperfections and helps create flawless looking skin.

Luxury Cosmetic Brands

18. Sumbody

@sumbodyskincare / Instagram

Potent, Pure, Wholesum Skincare – Natural and Organic Ingredients

Source: Sumbody

Sumbody. Skin care, bath products, haircare and makeup. Sumbody has it all. This brand’s ultimate goal…ensure their customers have great, healthy skin. Sumbody products are produced in small batches and contain no chemicals and no fillers. Not all of their products are vegan, but the brand is 100% cruelty free.


@realhermakeup / Instagram

REALHER | Makeup that Empowers


Created by a former makeup executive who was inspired when he became a dad for the first time, the REALHER company mission is to “inspire and bring out the best in the modern woman.” All products are cruelty and paraben free and each product comes complete with an inspiring affirmation such as the Eye am Beautiful mascara.

20. Sugarpill Cosmetics

Sugarpill Cosmetics

Source: Sugarpill Cosmetics

Made for “beauty rebels that want to stand out from the crowd” this bold line of cosmetics is cruelty free and many but not all of their products are vegan. Available online and at Ulta Beauty stores, Sugarpill sells a lot of edgy and unique products. We like their gold, orange and green lipsticks.


There are so many fun, bold, interesting, cruelty free, natural and simply gorgeous cosmetics available today. We encourage you break out of your cosmetics comfort zone and try some new products and some new looks!  


10 Hypoallergenic Makeup Brands for Sensitive Skin Users

Think about your daily beauty routine and consider all of the products you use on your face, hair and body. Most days, even the most low maintenance gal among us uses a combination of soap, facial cleanser, toner, deodorant, lotion, serum, shampoo, conditioner, hair styling product, perfume and makeup.

According to research, the average woman uses about 12 personal products daily. Each of these product contains numerous ingredients, many of which require a chemistry degree to understand or even pronounce. For people with allergies or skin sensitivity using the wrong cosmetics can cause breakouts, hives, rashes, itching and even swelling. Because of this, it’s important for allergy sufferers to become informed about product labeling and to know which ingredients they are allergic to.  Unfortunately, this process can be complicated and frustrating and many allergic users have spent a great deal of time and money trying to find the right cosmetic brands and products.

What does Hypoallergenic mean?

If you suffer from allergies and skin sensitivity, you may think that simply purchasing products labeled as hypoallergenic is the answer. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The term hypoallergenic was first used in a cosmetics campaign back in the 1950’s and today numerous cosmetic brands offer hypoallergenic products.

The prefix hypo meaning “under,” is used to refer to products which are thought to cause fewer allergic reactions than their traditional counterparts. Hypoallergenic labeling today is used on products that don’t contain common allergens. For example, many people are allergic to fragrance and a product labeled as hypoallergenic may (or may not) be fragrance-free. Allergy sufferers must beware that it is possible to have an allergy to a hypoallergenic product. Sadly, there is no regulation surrounding the labeling of products as hypoallergenic and there is also no certification or testing required for a manufacturer to label a product as hypoallergenic.

Hypoallergenic labeling doesn’t mean you may not be allergic to a product!

As with food allergies, people with skin sensitivities and allergies are often forced to rely on trial and error to find cosmetics that won’t irritate. To help, we’ve done some research to help guide those prone to allergies in their cosmetic purchases.

Best Hypoallergenic makeup brands

1. Eco Bella Vegan Organic Beauty

Eco Bella FlowerColor Lip Gloss

All Natural and Organic Makeup, Cosmetics and Skin Care Beauty Products

Source: Ecco Bella

People sensitive to gluten love the Ecco Bella line. The products, which include skin care, hair care and makeup contain no parabens, talc, water, alcohol, or FD&C dyes. Products that contain water are more likely to develop bacteria and therefore require a preservative which some users may be sensitive to.

According to the company website Ecco Bella have “simplified the formulas, and use very mild ingredients–so allergic reaction is rare. Many people with chemical sensitivities and allergies use our products successfully, but for those with known multiple sensitives, we suggest doing a patch test before applying any new product.” Try their FlowerColor Natural Liquid Foundation which contains aloe-vera and a natural sugar which helps skin retain moisture.

2. Afterglow Cosmetics

Afterglow Infused Mineral Foundation

Organic & Certified Gluten-Free Makeup

Source: Afterglow Cosmetics

This mineral makeup line contains loads of natural and organic ingredients. Products are also gluten and soy free. In addition, Afterglow’s products are free from bismuth oxychloride a known irritant which can cause itching. Product users also like the fact that Afterglow lists every ingredient on every product label, something which many companies don’t do instead listing items only with vague headings such as fragrance or flavors. And, if a patch test reveals a sensitivity, users can return the unused portion of the product to Afterglow for a full refund.

3. Almay

Makeup & cosmetics


Think hypoallergenic and the Almay brand immediately comes to mind. Almay has been creating makeup for people with sensitive skin since 1931. Their products are always fragrance free and aren’t tested on animals. According to the Almay website, their brand will soon have a fresh look complete with new packaging and a wider range of options for sensitive skin tones across the color spectrum.

4. Kiss Freely

Kiss Freely Dark Purple Eye Shadow

All Natural Allergen & Gluten Free Cosmetics

Source: Kiss Freely

Billed as a company that provides allergy friendly bath and body products, Kiss Freely was created by Jennifer Kurko, a mom whose daughter suffered from severe food allergies. One day, a kiss on her daughter’s check led to a terrible rash, a reaction caused by Jennifer’s lip balm. Jennifer set out to create her own lip balm and the company, Kiss Freely, was born. All Kiss Freely products are devoid of eight common allergens. And, for people allergic to less common ingredients, consumers are able to contact the company directly to be guided toward products to meet individual needs.

Best Hypoallergenic makeup removers

It’s not just makeup that can cause allergic reactions. Makeup removers often contain harsh chemicals, fragrances and other components that can lead to reactions.

5. Restorsea Reviving Cleanser

Restorsea – The Only Medical Grade Skin Care Line Formulated with Non-Toxic Ingredients

Source: Reviving Cleanser : Restorsea

This makeup remover and cleanser is dermatologist tested and does not contain parabens, PEGs, phthalates, sulfates, silicones or mineral oil. Users love it because it’s gentle yet effectively removes makeup without leaving skin feeling dry. It does have a bit of a fragrance, so it may not be the right product for everyone.

Best Hypoallergenic brands for makeup wipes

6. Yes to Cotton Comforting Facial Wipes

Yes to Cotton Facial Wipes

Source: Yes To

Is there anything more satisfying than swiping a facial wipe across your face and watching the makeup come off? We didn’t think so. If you like makeup removers in a wipe form, try this product from Yes to Cotton. These wipes don’t contain harsh detergents but instead are made with cottonseed oil leaving sensitive skin clean and soft. And they are inexpensive to boot!

7. Simple Cleansing Wipes

Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes, 25 Count (Pack of 2): Beauty


All Simple Brand products are free from perfumes, alcohols, colorants, parabens and other chemicals which can cause sensitivity. The Kind to Skin Cleansing Wipes, were an Allure Magazine Beauty Award Winner in 2016 and all Simple brand products are dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.  

Best Hypoallergenic makeup for sensitive eyes

Wind, dust, pollution and lack of sleep can cause eyes to swell, water and sting. If you have sensitive eyes wearing makeup can exacerbate the condition. Experts say people with sensitive eyes should avoid powder shadow as tiny flakes can find their way into the eye and cause redness. Instead, consider a cream shadow. If you have sensitive eyes don’t apply makeup to the waterline area of the eye. This is the area between your lashes and eye.  Finally, stay away from liquid liner which can run and irritate the eyes. Instead use a wax/pencil liner which is more likely to stay put as applied.  

We like these makeup products to avoid irritation for sensitive eyes.

8. Almay Intense i-Color Gel Smooth Liner

Intense i-Color™ Gel Smooth Liner – Eye Makeup

Source: Almay

Hypoallergenic and opthamologist tested, this affordable product comes in four shades. Users love its smudge free formula and it’s low price.

9. Blinc Mascara Amplified

Blinc Inc

Source: Blinc Inc

After years of being frustrated by clumping mascara, Blinc founders developed an eye makeup only line back in the late 90’s. They created a new formula for mascara which forms “tubes” enveloping each lash.  This means Blinc mascara won’t flake or smudge into the eye. The mascara is waterproof, but can be removed with lots of warm water to release the tubes. Makeup remover is not required.

10. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow

Long-Wear Cream Shadow |

Source: Long-Wear Cream Shadow |

Paraben-free; phthalate-free; sulfate-free; sulfite-free and gluten-free, Bobbi’s cream shadow is guaranteed to stay in place without creasing for up to 12 hours even through sport and sweat. We love the shade called shore for a natural, makeup free look.


Another important tip for all makeup wearers, cosmetics don’t last forever! When in doubt, throw it out. If you have sensitive skin you may want to mark the date of opening on your makeup products with a permanent marker. Even if you don’t suffer from allergies, it is suggested that you never keep makeup for more than a year and consider disposing of eye makeup after six months from date of opening. Harmful bacteria can form after extended use and this bacteria can cause infection, breakouts and rashes. Other tips to keep your skin safe, clean your makeup brushes regularly and never share your makeup with others.

Suffering from allergies is no fun and can make purchasing makeup complicated and stressful. Fortunately, there is more information available than ever before to allow consumers to choose products geared toward people with allergies. It’s refreshing to to see more companies being transparent about what exactly goes into each product, allowing women to make informed purchases. For best results, always test new products on a small patch of skin before widespread use.


20 Interesting Makeup Hacks That Can Improve Your Life

If your mornings are anything like mine, you’ll wake up feeling hectic and rushed. Whether you have hit the snooze button too many times, are having trouble getting the kids out of bed and off to school, or are stuck sharing the bathroom mirror with your partner or roommate, having enough time for proper morning makeup application is often wishful thinking.  But on point makeup application doesn’t have to take a ton of time or effort. There are some tricks that can save you precious time and in some cases, even a little bit of money. We’ve trolled the internet to find out how celebs, beauty bloggers and makeup artists are cutting corners with fantastic results. Try these tips and tricks and you will look your best each time you walk out the door even if you actually just rolled out of bed!

Best makeup hacks for eye

Putting on eye makeup is surely the most challenging and time consuming part of any makeup application. And if you’re feeling rushed, it can be harder to focus and apply perfectly. How many of us have smudged mid application, only to have to remove our makeup and start again? However, eyes that look big and bright can really transform us even on a hectic Monday morning. With these quick, easy and tested hacks your eyes will be looking gorgeous in no time.

1. Lift Those Eyes

To make your eyes look brighter, bigger, bolder and more beautiful we suggest using a light colored matte pencil or a bright concealer shade. Apply the color under your eyebrows as well as on the outer section of the top of your brows and your eyes will appear instantly lifted.

2. Lash Extensions

You wouldn’t think applying mascara would take all that much time but you’ll be amazed how much time you will save by investing in lash extensions. A bit of time at the salon and you’ll be loving your lash extensions. Extensions are the ultimate “I woke up like this” hack.

3. Declump!

When using mascara there is absolutely nothing is worse than clumps. And, sadly even those brands who claim not to clump sometimes do! It can seem the more you try to brush out the clumps with the mascara wand, the more clumps you end up with. Try using a clean toothbrush (not the one you use to clean your teeth) and brush it gently over your freshy applied mascara to quickly remove any excess.

4. Line that Waterline

The waterline is the area is the rim right where your eyelid meets your eye. You can give your eyes a bright fresh look by lining this area, upper and lower, with a white or nude shaded eyeliner pencil. Eyes instantly look brighter.

5. Check your Baggage

Sometimes under eye bags are a sign of a rough night but other times they are unfortunately hereditary and can develop as we get older. When applying concealer under the eye, try tilting your head down and looking in the mirror, you’ll see the bags more clearly and be able to conceal quickly and more effectively.

6. Make it Stick

Help your mascara to adhere quickly and easily to your lashes by first dusting them with a bit of translucent powder. Then, apply your mascara. Lashes will appear longe, fuller and more luxurious. Be careful to avoid getting powder into your eyes.

DIY makeup hacks for face

Okay, your eyes are done. Now for the rest of your face. Give these hacks a try to save a bit of time and to look great!

7. Double or even Triple up

Using products for more than one purpose can help you save time and money. Try using a lipstick or a multipurpose color stick for your lips, cheeks and eyes. Simply dab a bit of color with your finger and gently blend. Using products for more than one purpose can also help you save room in your makeup bag or when traveling.

8. Use Tinted Moisturizer

Instead of using primer, concealer, foundation and setting powder try simply using a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream in the morning. Apply lipstick and mascara and you’re good to go out the door and looking fab.

9. Mix and Match

Save time and money and make your own shimmery lip gloss. Try mixing a little bit of your favorite powder eye shadow with a clear lip gloss or lip balm. Apply with your finger or a cotton swab and you’re good to go.  

10. Two Products, One Application

It’s a myth that primer needs to be applied first and foundation second. To save time on a busy morning try mixing your primer and your foundation together. Simply put a bit of both in your palm, blend and apply to your face.

11. Luscious Lips

The cupid’s bow is that sexy curved part of the middle of your upper lip. To apply lipstick perfectly use a lip liner (use one that is the same shade as your lipstick) and draw an “x” on your cupid’s bow. Then apply your lipstick over top for a perfect pout.

12. Apply it Right

Sometimes we get carried away with our highlighters or bronzers and end up looking a bit too gold and shiny. To find the perfect spot to bronze, hold a pencil against your face and roll it just under your cheekbone to find the little spot underneath. The pencil will show you your angle and right where your line of bronzer should go! Be sure to blend bronzer with a brush after applying for a natural look.

13. Double Duty

To save a bit of time and money, try using a glittery neutral eye shadow in a pink or gold tone instead of a highlighter. The finished look will be the same and no one will be the wiser.

Other easy makeup hacks that you have never heard of before

Some of these tricks may sound a bit strange but these unusual hacks work! Try a few of these out to help you you look your best.

14. Reduce Redness

Suffering from a big red pimple is in short, the worst. To reduce redness try using eye drops that are formulated to reduce redness. Put a few drops on a cotton ball and press against the spot for a few minutes. The redness will fade and you’ll be feeling less self conscious in no time.

15. Honey I Shrunk the Pimple

Another good idea to soothe dry or blemished skin is to try a quick honey mask. Relax with the honey on your face for about ten minutes before rinsing thoroughly with warm water then moisturize as normal.

16. Lipstick that Lasts

We hate it when lipstick disappears! Instead of lip primer, try putting a dab of concealer on your lips before applying lipstick. The concealer will help the lipstick adhere and the color will last all day.

17. Narrow that Nose

There are no less than 1000 videos on Youtube showing how to make your nose appear narrower by contouring. Try using a darker shade of foundation and draw a thin line down each side of your nose to narrow. The thinner the line, the better. Be sure to blend well for a natural look.

18. Grow your Lashes

Try applying a bit of vitamin E oil on your eyelashes each night before bed. The nourishing nutrient will make your lashes long and strong.

19. Take the Plunge

This one might be a little painful but you can easily refresh your face, reduce eye swelling and wake up your skin by dunking your face in a bowl of ice water for 30 seconds each morning. Bonus, you’ll feel really awake afterward.

20. Blot

Try using oil blotting papers to blot lipstick. Some of the oil will be removed but the all important pigment will stay put longer.


By using simple shortcuts, tips and tricks, you can make your makeup last longer and save time, money and effort. Celebrities and makeup artists alike swear by many of these shortcuts and quick fixes so we encourage you to give some of these hacks a try.  Remember, time spent with family, friends and loved ones is time better spent than in front of the mirror!


5 Working Tips on How to Make Your Ex Want You Back

Breakups never come alone but with a neverending wave of anguish and introspection. But breakups do not always turn up to be the end of the world or an end of courtship. There is always hope and scope to make a relationship work and get back your Ex in case you follow the right plan.

You were together for a reason. And now, here you stand apart, wondering what went wrong? Maybe it is time to remind your ex and be reminded of the long forgotten ties that bound you together once. 

Why Get Back with Your Ex?

While you are working on ways to get back to your ex, you must be very clear about why you want to get back with your ex in the first place. You broke with him because you were hurt. The relationship didn’t work for a reason. There has to be a reason to get over it as well. The reconciliation must result in mutual growth and healthy relationship in the end. It should be more about filling the missing links than nurturing the voids. The desire to get back must come from within and must drive your future course of action for you and your relationship.

Here are a few ways to help you think through if you would like to get back your ex: 

Reflect on your past relationship

Get some space and retrospect. Getting back instantly may sound desirable but it is time to step back, think it out and spend some time with yourself. You can always be polite with your ex no matter how worse things went but keep a safe distance not to be overwhelmed with emotions. Take enough time to clear your head.

Spend some alone time doing things you love. Having a quality me time will help you rediscover yourself as a person and reasons why you would like to get back with your ex.

Find out why things went wrong in the relationship

Understand why things messed up in the first place. Reflect over the past events during the course of your relationship with your ex. Identity if you are ready to fix the issues to work out your relationship. Was it your temper that was constantly flaring up for no reasons? Was it more of him that you have an issue with? What was the root cause that resulted in the breakup?

5 Fast Ways to Make Your Ex Want You Back

Words have been said. Emotions have overflown. Anger has been disgorged. Tears have been shed. How can you find a way from this depressing situation back to a happy reunion? At this moment of time, the era spent together seems questionable and pointless. But a simple, legitimate, but less acceptable answer to this can be the loss of attraction and attention. No wonder how daunting it may sound, the key to making your ex want you back is to remind them of what he found attractive in you or what drove his attention into this relationship at first.

Here are 5 fast ways to make your ex want you back:

1. Come up with a Plan

Come up with a plan on how to discuss with your ex. A  good choice will be to consider giving each other some healthy boundaries to recover from the past relationship. Understand how your ex is like. Was he an introvert? An extrovert? Does he need time to heal from the previous relationship? More importantly, are you ready to recover this relationship?

2. Communicate to your ex on the relationship you had with him

Communicate to your ex what your relationship meant to you and that you do find it painful to lose them. But at the same time, you are ready to stay strong and move on for the good of your ex if it is all he/she want. Give some space for some time, make them feel your absence, and let them experience the breakup.

3. Do not give in to everything your ex wants

No matter how eagerly you want it but do not silently give in to everything your ex wants just for the sake of being together. It is neither the time to show love or affection nor the time to beg. Neither act cold nor call or text desperately. A healthy distance can help both of you figure out the mistakes and a way to fix them well.

4. Focus on improving yourself

Stay strong when he gets weaker. Focus on improving yourself when you are not hanging out with your Ex. it is time to get independent and healthy both physically and emotionally. Forget self-pity and give yourself time to be more happy, comfortable, and confident as a being.

Go for casual hangouts with friends to bring things forward. You might just be lucky that your ex paid extra attention to your social activities. This does indicate your ex is not over you completely and the hope of getting back is higher. Just be careful that such action may backfire and your ex may mirror your actions (and hope to make you jealous).

5. Get him back into your life bit by bit

When you have mentally recovered from your breakup phase and are pretty convinced about getting back together, it is time to make it work. Reach out to your ex and get in touch. You can break the ice with a casual and positive text. Give him a reason to meet you again. It can be something positive that recently happened in your life reminding you of your ex.  

Frame your conversation that reflects you have retrospect over how things went and that maybe it was a good idea to move on at that time but it may not be wise enough to simply give up on a great relationship you two once shared. You can suggest casually meeting up over a cup of coffee.

Long Distance: How to Get Back

When you feel ready, it is time to contact your ex. But before you do, ensure that you have given enough time to yourself to retrospect and rebuild your inner strength. The best and easiest method to contact your ex, especially in a long distance relationship, is to send an email, a short text, or a hand-written letter. However, irrespective of the mode, the content matters most. It should communicate your acceptance of the breakup, apology for inappropriate behavior, and information about what’s new in your life.

How to Get Back Again Over Text

There are some basic rules you must remember while sending a text to your ex when you intend to get back together. It should be relatable, short, and convincing. Never send an empty text message or one which is too brief. Never let your text convey desperation or need. Deter showing feelings through text. They are better reflected through facial emotions. Most importantly, never argue over text. Your message should never convey anything negative about your ex, your breakup, or your relationship.

A better idea is simply to communicate how a simple thing in life made you remember him. You can use the text message as a reminder of good times. Let him know you are moving on and doing great things. Stay positive and subtle. The key is to gradually rebuild interest and attraction. And when asking out for a meeting, never call it a date.

When you do get a chance to meet with your ex, take it as an opportunity to rebuild trust. Convey that you are ready to get back together at the right time. But do not be in a rush to jump boundaries. Good things take time, so stay patient and let time work its charm. 

More Resources

Need more help? Here are 6 more different tips that can help win your ex back to give you more ways to have better success in getting back.


Getting back together may not seem to be the first thing on the cards after a breakup. But with proper approach and given time, things can possibly work out in favor. All you need to do is to stay patient, work on yourself, figure out the loopholes, and understand why you want to make it work in the first place.  Once you feel ready, you can get back to your ex and make the first step towards a healthier relationship.


22 strikingly cool and interesting couple Halloween ideas

Funny and Cute Couple Halloween ideas

What’s better than to spend the most fun holiday with your significant other? And making it even more exciting by trying out different costumes and roles to bond with your mate? Who knows maybe your partner likes your cosplay like a little too much and feels more attatched to you than ever?   

Here are some funny and cute ideas to try out and just have fun and goof around at Halloween:

1. Fred and Wilma Flintstones

Source: @nadiiferdc/Instagram

We all remember our favorite cavemen from childhood, along with their cute romance of course. What you need are those old-fashioned tunics and a cute pearl necklace. And how can a caveman be complete without his big old whacking stick?

2. Mermaid and Sailor

Source: @kyleirish_/Instagram

Dressing up as a mermaid has always been one of the ladies’ favorites and pretty attractive to the guys as well. To partner up with the mermaid, the guy should dress up as a sailor which is cuter than a merman and gives the whole fairytale story of the mermaid finally getting the hold of the sailor and making him all hers.

Here’s another idea to the same theme:

3. Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb

Source: @rob.bln/Instagram

What can get goofier than these two? Dressing the same character as your partner is the cutest thing ever. Take this chance to be all childish and have a blast and maybe mess around a little being the cute dummies you’re supposed to be. 

4. Double Stuff Oreos

Source: @sirpumpkinpie/Instagram

Cheesy much? Or sugary much? Oreos have our hearts and so can you express your heart out as dressing two halves of an Oreo cookie. Everyone knows how it works, give each other a hug and make that cookie and your love, whole.

5. Burglars

Trying out for some mischief? Fool around messing with people with those striped shirts and money bags. Make sure to be quick, or else someone might catch those money bags filled with candy goods.

6. Milk and Cereal

Source: @blondeography_/Instagram

What is cereal without milk? And what are you without your partner? Isn’t that the cutest way to show how you and your partner are just made for each other. Seems a little clumsy, right? But that’s the fun part about it all.

7. Netflix and Chill

Source: @soniakatharina/Instagram

If you’re that Netflix and Chill kind of couple, then here’s an innovative idea for Halloween. Just go about the streets wearing this and there’s nothing more to explain.

8. Popeye and Olive

SOurce: @pasantikas/Instagram

Everyone absolutely adored Popeye and Olive and the sweet love they shared. How protective the guy will look like for his one true love, Olive who loves him back as much.

9. Key to the Heart


Does this costume even need words? Just stick together wearing the lock and key and let the world figure out the rest. You won’t regret after looking at the pictures later on. It will be locked in your memories forever, just like your love.

10. Addams Family Morticia and Gomez


Never forget the family that made us laugh in the most intriguing way possible. And have you seen the love between Gomez and Morticia? It’s incomparable. Feel seductive and cute at the same time by dressing up as this romantic couple.

11. Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin


This one is a great idea for a couple who is expecting and wants to make something cute out of that baby bump. It will look absolutely adorable and really ingenious.

Scary couple Halloween ideas

Enough of the cuteness, lets scare the world a little by bringing scary to the party. No doubt dressing up scary is pretty cool and very sensual at the same time. It’s all about having fun at the end so have a look at these amazingly fun and scary Halloween ideas for you and your partner:

12. Creepy Dolls

Source: @itonlyhappenstoher/Instagram

There is something really creepy about dolls and everyone agrees and sees that. All you gotta do is find the scariest doll to portray and dress up like that and keep a very eerie smile on you at all times.

You can either share the same doll male and female version or different ones too. Point is to stare people right in the eye and keep a straight scary face.

13. Chucky and Tiffany

Source: @scarfirecosplay/Instagram

This little doll used to give us the heebie-jeebies when we were little. And when that wasn’t enough, he even got a partner to double the trouble. If you and your partner are planning to dress up as this freaky combo, then people are going to totally watch out.

14. Dexter

Source: @paolina86_/Instagram

Here’s something different and creative, which will leave the people thinking. Our favourite serial killer, Dexter and his probable new victim, all taped up. Might not seem scary at first, but when someone gets it, they remember all the gore and get the chills.

15. Scary Clowns

Source: @mizdevine/Instagram

Clowns have their own way of scaring people. They’ve been depicted pretty frightening in horror movies that has changed our prespectives about them. Even if someone doesn’t have a phobia of clowns, this cosplay might change their minds after all. 

16. Dracula and his Bride

Source: @sophshirsch/Instagram

How can we miss the infamous vampires in our list? No Halloween or cosplay is complete without them. This costume idea is ideal for the couples who have that firing romance among them, Count Dracula and his chosen bride does seem sexy if done right.

DIY these creative couple Halloween costumes

17. SWAT Team

Here’s what you call a power couple. Got each other’s backs no matter what. This simple couple’s costume is very easy to create. All you need is a pair of black t-shirts or a black dress (for the girl). A parachute jacket would do the trick to make a bulletproof jacket. Then what’s left is the abbreviation S.W.A.T. which you can easily write with cloth or white tape and you’re done. 

18. Princess Leia & Han Solo


This legendary couple has been one of our greatest childhood memories. Recreating them is pretty easy. Han Solo had his signature look in a plain white shirt with top buttons open and a sleeveless black jacket over it. Princess Leia, on the other hand, was recognized by her unique hairstyles.

You can also make your little kid Chewy to make it very cute altogether.

19. Cleopatra and Mark Anthony

This Egyptian lady has always mesmerized us with her beauty and has always been a style model. To dress up like her at Halloween all you need to do is make this simple dress with some silk sashes and a silk skirt. 
For Mark Anthony, a simple white tunic would do, along with a red velvet shawl and a king crown of course.


20. Velma and Shaggy

Source: nattlortie / Instagram

If you have that bright red skirt you don’t wear anywhere then here’s how you can finally use it. Pair it up with a Yellow turtle neck sweater and some long orange socks. You know what it takes to give that nerdy look, a big pair of glasses and short clean cut hair. For Shaggy, you need a simple loose Green shirt and a light beard to go with it.

21. Mr. and Mrs. Smith


Feeling a little sexy this Halloween? What can be more attractive than the most popular couple in their classiest and posh role in the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith? All you need is to dress up your best. The girl wearing a nice black, long cut gown and a toy pistol strapped to the leg and that’s it.

22. Retro Couple


It all comes down to how you present yourself, no matter how sleek your costume is. If you can’t display it right, then it’s of no use. Try out the amazing Retro look with your loved one, you can find thousands of examples of these from the classiest movies. You don’t need any expensive outfit for that, just changing the look of the ones you have will do. A little hairstyle change will do the trick.


There are innumerable ideas for Halloween and there’s always a chance to find something different and innovative every year and you can up your cosplay game a little higher every time. No matter how much research you do for this purpose, as long as you and your partner are happy about it and totally having a good time, then things will always turn out to be great.