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Tips for Staying Motivated

I have been on my weight loss journey for just over a year. I have been asked countless times over that period of time “how do you stay motivated?”. Trust me when I say even after all this time I still have those days when I am just not feeling it…not feeling like working out, not feeling like eating my healthy food, not feeling like putting my lunch and snacks together for the next day, well…you get the idea. I have incorporated all of these things into healthy lifestyle changes and habits, so I do them. Some of my motivation comes from the fact that I was so ready to make a change. I also found what worked for me. Those are two things that I had not ever had in place before.

What else works? Well, seeing results is a big motivator. Take pictures and measurements at regular intervals. I did NOT want to take that initial set of pictures;  but, I did. Now, I look forward to taking those pictures every month. When you hit a point where the scale just isn’t moving, look at those pictures. You will be able to see the changes. Remember, the scale is not always a good indicator of the positive changes that are happening. Setting new goals is another way to stay motivated. Keeping things fresh. Try a new class, change your routine, just do something different. This keeps things fun and challenging. If you have what you would call a “bad day” whether is with eating or skipping your workout, acknowledge it and move on to the next healthy decision you can make for yourself. Do not use it as an excuse to continue to make unhealthy choices for the rest of the day. Celebrating your successes is another way to stay motivated. Set small goals and reward yourself for meeting them. Share your plans with friends or family. It is much harder to lose your motivation and stop working out or eating well if other people know what you are doing. Recently, a friend stopped me in the grocery store and asked if I was sure I wanted to buy something , truth be told…the item wasn’t for me, but I actually appreciated the fact that she asked.

The bottom line is we all have to find what works for each of us. Once you find what works, keep at it. If you stumble, don’t give up.

Written by contributor SkinnyMs. MJ, who recently completed her first 5k. This is what she had to say about her accomplishment, “Yesterday I did a 5k with 5 friends. I ran most of mile 1 and 2. As I crossed mile marker 2…I decided that I was going to run to the end. I soooo wanted to stop a couple of times, but I didn’t. Certainly didn’t break any speed records, but that isn’t what it was about. For me, it is about proving to myself that I can do something I have been told for years I would never be able to do.” ~SkinnyMs. MJ

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Here’s some of MJ’s before and after photos:

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