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Shape Up Size Down – Beginner’s Workout

Tired of finding workouts that are too hard and do not have any modifications? SkinnyMs. has put together workouts designed for those people who responded to our question on SkinnyMs. Fitness Facebook about wanting Absolute Beginner Workouts. These workouts are put together with modified and simple exercises that are not overly intensive and are doable for anyone, regardless of size or age.

For those of you who find our daily workouts or Tabatas are too difficult, these workouts are for you! We want to help get you on the road to being in amazing shape and more importantly, healthy! If you have already started your weight loss journey we would love for you to join us in this series of beginner workouts.

This is the first of the Absolute Beginner Workout Series. The workouts will be slightly more challenging each time. For each workout we will have an “Absolute Beginner” version and a “Beginner” version. We have an Absolute Beginner workout for people who chose not to use weights and prefer the exercises sitting or laying. Then we also have just regular Beginner versions.

In the Absolute Beginner Workout we will have six exercises. You will need little or no weight, you can also use water bottles if you like, a yoga mat, a chair, and a wall to lean against! Our goal is 10-15 repetitions per exercise and 2 rounds of this circuit.

Here’s a stretching video to get you ready for this workout:

Absolute Beginner’s Workout:
1. Donkey Kicks
2. Sitting Leg Extensions
3. Inner/Outer Thigh Segment
4. Wall Push Up
5. Sitting Bicep Curl
6. Sitting Tricep Extensions

In the Beginner Workout below we will have six exercises. You will need light dumbbells, a yoga mat, and plenty of water! Our goal is to do 10-15 repetitions of each exercise and two circuits.


As we are preparing to launch a new fitness program for anyone, regardless of size or age, we would love your feedback regarding the workouts above…too difficult, too easy? Leave a comment below with your feedback. After all, the new fitness program will be for you!

If you find that you enjoy these workouts and are ready to make a commitment to an exercise plan, but want something slightly more challenging, check our SkinnyMs. Total Body Transformation! 

Beginner’s Workout:

1. Donkey Kicks with Pulses
2. Standing Leg Extensions
3. Inner/Outer Thigh Segment
4. Modified Push Up
5. Standing Bicep Curl
6. Standing Tricep Extensions

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