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Ab, Shoulder, and Tricep Toning Workout

This workout will tighten and tone your abs, shoulders, and triceps! By changing the amount of weight you use you’ll be keeping your muscles guessing and burning plenty of extra calories. Let’s get started!

Equipment Needed: yoga type mat; 2-4 sets of dumbbells of varying weights

What To Do: Watch all video demonstrations before beginning this workout. Perform all sets of one exercise before moving on to the next exercise. Rest 45 seconds between sets and before switching exercises. Begin with the heaviest set of dumbbells and decrease weight with each set.

Beginner’s Level: 1 set each exercise
Intermediate Level: 2 sets of each exercise
Advanced Level: 3 sets of each exercise


1. Alternating Leg Lifts – 20 res
2. Air Bikes – 10 reps each side
3. Front Raises – 12 repetitions each set
4. Side Lateral Raises –  12 reps
5. Shrugs – 10 reps
6. Tricep Kick Backs – 12 reps

Alternating Leg Lifts

Air Bikes

Front Raises

Side Lateral Raises


Kick Backs

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