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30-Day Body Squat Challenge

Squat challenges are great because they help you build endurance while giving you a toned and sexy butt! We made this 30-day squat challenge completely equipment-free. You don’t need anything except your own body!

You’ll be doing three different kinds of squats. The air squat is a regular bodyweight squat. The sumo squat uses a wider stance and is great for targeting the inner thighs. Our final variation, the jump squat, adds a little bit of cardio to this challenge. Jump squats raise your heart rate quickly and effectively, maximizing the number of calories you burn.

This squat challenge will help you tone lower body muscle, build strength, and improve your endurance. And it only takes a few minutes per day!

What You’ll Need: nothing but your own bodyweight!

What to Do: Complete the squats assigned each day. Review the videos below for correct form. Using proper form helps prevent injuries and ensures you’re getting the most out of your workout.

Download your free 30-Day Body Squat calendar and never miss a workout!

Air Squat

Sumo Squat

Jump Squat

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