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Spell Your Name A.M. Workout

Use this Spell Your Name workout to get up an go!

Mornings aren’t always easy, but this fun little workout can help you feel energized. All you have to do is spell your name. For each letter, do the exercise assigned. The exercises are simple, requiring no equipment. You can do them from the comfort of your living room, making them an ideal morning workout.

Is that too easy? Try spelling your first, middle, and last names!

What to Do: For each letter in your name, do the exercise assigned. Do not rest in between exercises.

A: 30 Mountain Climbers
B: 25 Jumping Jacks
C: 25 Squats
D: 20 Lunges
E: 10 Push Ups
F: 20 Crunches
G: 40 Russian Twists
H: 40 Mountain Climbers
I: 30 Jumping Jacks
J: 20 Squats
K: 24 Lunges
L: 5 Push Ups
M: 25 Crunches
N: 30 Russian Twists
O: 20 Mountain Climbers
P: 50 Jumping Jacks
Q: 30 Squats
R: 20 Lunges
S: 15 Push Ups
T: 20 Crunches
U: 50 Russian Twists
V: 50 Mountain Climbers
W: 15 Jumping Jacks
X: 30 Squats
Y: 20 Lunges
Z: 5 Push Ups

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