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Lose Weight While You Sleep!

Did you ever wish that you could lose weight while you sleep?

The original thought is, the more active you are, the more fat you lose by burning extra calories. The truth is, everything in life has its own balance. Getting enough sleep is often the extra ingredient to leading a healthy life and loosing weight.

People who sleep less than the 7-8 hours recommended per day are 30% more likely to gain weight, or worse, develop an obesity condition. Sleep helps to regulate the hormones that cause hunger, increases productivity at the gym, and allows muscles to recover and regenerate.

Some studies suggest that adults sleeping between 7-9 hours can burn as much as 114 extra calories daily than those who sleep 5 hours or less a day, just by letting your muscles fully recover after workouts. Now, that sounds more like it, right?

Since sleep deprivation can adversely effect your metabolism and other bodily functions, it is imperative to get your zzzzs each night. Establishing a nightly bedtime routine or ritual can improve your chances of falling asleep quicker. Try a calming bath or soothing cup of decaffeinated tea. Keep a pad by your bed to jot down notes or to dos for the following day so they don’t keep you awake.

By getting sufficient sleep at night, you not only help your body to function at its highest level of efficiency, but you will be more alert and able to enjoy every part of your day.

Let’s commit to getting the proper amount of sleep in 2013!

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