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Top 5 Ultimate Super Foods

We gave you a list of 50 Super Foods a few weeks ago. But we thought we would whittle that list down a bit more to give you the top 5 super foods you should be eating every single day for the maximum health benefits from your healthy eating plan. Here they are:

1. Chia Seeds
With more Omega-3’s than flax seeds, these little black seeds are packed with good-for-you nutrition. They contain fiber, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, zinc and much, much more. And the nice thing about these seeds is that you don’t have to grind them up to get the benefit like you do with flax seeds. Put them in smoothies, on your cereal, or bake them in to some banana bread for extra nutrition. Either way, you can’t go wrong with chia seeds.

2. Kale
This ultimate green vegetable measures 1000 on the Andi scale, right up there with collard greens. In other words, you just can’t get much more nutritious than this incredible, edible plant. Treat it like spinach when cooking, but enjoy more nutrients than spinach, bite for bite. You’ll get enough vitamin K and A for your entire day in just one cup!

3. Bok Choy
Most often found in Asian foods, Bock Choy is fabulous prepared with many poultry dishes, or just as a side dish made with herbs and spices. This cancer fighter will give you loads of vitamin C, A and K all for only 9 calories per cup! How’s that for being “diet” friendly?

4. Strawberries
The fruit which ranks the highest on the Andi scale is strawberries. You just can’t beat these little red berries for the nutrition they pack. At just 49 calories per cup, you get 149% of your RDA for vitamin C and  4 grams of fiber! Just be sure to purchase organic strawberries as they are also listed as one of  The Dirty Dozen

5. Blueberries
These delicious summer time treats are getting easier to find at other times of the year. Good thing too because they are a powerhouse of nutrition! New research demonstrates that blueberries improve your memory, and one study indicates that they may reduce risk factors for obese men and women. Either way, blueberries are filled with anti-oxidants you don’t want to be without.

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