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5 Beauty Products You Should Never Leave the House Without

Ever been out and really wished you had your lipgloss with you? Had an unexpected encounter with your high school crush at the coffee shop and wish you could’ve done some quick primping before sitting down with him to chat? We’ve compiled a list of essential beauty products so you’ll never be caught off guard, no matter the circumstances.

As much as we wish it would, makeup doesn’t sit stagnant throughout the day. An active lifestyle, windy climates, and many other variables can take a toll on initial makeup perfection. Remember this list of 5 beauty products you should never leave the house without and say goodbye to being caught empty-handed. Sometimes it’s hard to grab everything you need when you’re in a rush, so keep these products in your purse!
1. Tweezers
5 Beauty Products You Should Never Leave the House Without1
Sometimes you can’t see all the little hairs on your eyebrows when you’re plucking at home. If you want to rock bombshell brows, opt for tweezers with a perfect tip and stay away from products with flat edges on top. These can shear your eyebrow hairs off. Stash this terrific tool in your car for those times you look in the rearview mirror and notice a caterpillar growing on your face! Check out Majestic Bombay’s Tweez’em Stainless Steel Precision Tweezers, which let you reach the tiniest, peskiest hairs every time.
2. Lipstick
5 Beauty Products You Should Never Leave the House Without2
When you’re running late and don’t have time for contoured cheeks or a flawless cat eye, you can still make your look pop with a swipe of lipstick. With this simple cosmetic, you’re just a dab away from brightening your face and making an effortless statement, especially if you’re sporting minimal makeup. Lipstick rubs off throughout the day, causing you to radiate that washed-out look. To prevent this from happening, keep your favorite lipstick in your purse. One application will take you from simple to stunning!

We love Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick Cream, packed with moisturizers and vitamins C and E for soft, sexy lips. This Rose Wine shade is lovely, but the brand offers an array of gorgeous colors to choose from!
3. Concealer
5 Beauty Products You Should Never Leave the House Without3
You never know when a red bump is going to pop up on your face. Keep concealer with you at all times so you’re never caught unawares. The dark under-eye circles you covered up this morning might make an afternoon appearance once makeup begins to fade. These circles suggest sleep deprivation, but you can fool others by carrying concealer when you need a quick touch-up!
4. Powder
5 Beauty Products You Should Never Leave the House Without4
Your face can become shiny throughout the day. Keep powder in your purse to banish the unwanted shine! Keep in mind that applying multiple layers of powder can clog your pores and trigger unwanted breakouts. Prevent this from happening by grabbing some blotting paper and removing excess oil before touching up with powder. We recommend LiveFresh Natural’s Premium Oil Absorbing Sheets. This awesome product sucks away excess oil, removes shine, and is infused with nutrient-rich green tea.
5. Perfume
Among all the practical purse essentials, perfume tops the list. You might be rocking flawless makeup and a head-turning outfit, but smelling beautiful is the icing on the cake. Don’t let funky odors get the best of you. Keep a little bottle of perfume with you at all times and you’ll always smell as lovely as you look!

What’s your favorite purse essential? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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