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8 Ways to Burn More Calories While at Work

When working 40 hours or more every week, it can seem impossible to make time or find the energy for exercise. With a long commute or a family to take care of, it puts “me-time” at the bottom of the list. Learn how to burn more calories while at work to make your “me-time” wherever you can.

Don’t let late nights or early mornings keep you from your fitness goals. Follow these 8 ways to burn more calories while at work, and keep your goals right on track.

1. Head to another floor for bathroom breaks.

When maintaining any level of fitness goals, stairs are your new best friend. Taking a bathroom break on the second or third floor will not only burn calories, but will allow you to clear your head for a few minutes. Does your office have elevators? Experts say that taking the stairs instead of an elevator can help you burn more calories while at work.

2. Take a lunch-time lap.

More often than not, Americans go back to work right after they are done eating. Instead, try sectioning off a portion of the lunch break to take a walk. Whether it’s around the office or outside, use the fully allotted time for lunch to your advantage. If your team is going out for lunch, look for these guilt-free healthy foods to maintain your goals.

3. Use small water bottles.

Using smaller water bottles will build up your step count by walking to refill them. Worried about forgetting to refill? Keep a tally on your desk to make sure you stay hydrated! (Tip: If you have a 16 ounce water bottle, fill it up 4 times a day. If you have a 32 ounce water bottle, fill it up twice a day.)

4. Ditch the desk trash can.

Get rid of your desk trash can and walk across the office to toss the trash. Up for a challenge? Go to another floor to throw away the garbage. This will help you follow tip #1 throughout the day.

5. Use a fitness ball as desk chair for a portion of the day.

Experts say that using a fitness ball instead of a desk chair is proven to aid in posture as well as build core strength when used in an office setting. This can help eliminate any back or neck pain when used correctly over time.

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