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29 Ways to Love Yourself

As women we tend to put others above ourselves and consequently often neglect our own needs. The world needs our hard work, determination, empathy and selflessness. That said, if we continually feel our efforts go unappreciated or unnoticed, many of us may eventually begin to feel defeated or that our self-worth is diminished.

As tough as it may sound, if we depend only on others for the appreciation we deserve, for many of us it may never come. Take time for you for a change! We celebrate  you! After all you are special and deserve to be pampered and cherished; at a minimum…you deserve to feel loved!

29 Ways to Love Yourself

1. Stand in front of the mirror in your birthday suit, smile and say to yourself, “You are BEAUTIFUL”… and mean it!”

2. Treat yourself to a bubble bath, light a candle and take along a good book.

3. Do one of the yoga routines on SkinnyMs. Fitness.

4. Eat healthy…no fast or processed foods.

5. Love yourself unconditionally.

6. Walk briskly for one mile.

7. Forgive yourself for anything in the past that still eats at you.

8. Wake up and say to yourself, “I love you your name goes here“.

9. Drink 8 – 8 ounces of water.

10. Do one of our many SkinnyMs. fitness workouts.

11. Get a massage.

12. Go to a quiet place, turn down the lights and meditate (check the SkinnyMs. site for tips)

13. Practice slow, deep breathing.

14. Slip on some sexy undies, maybe red, it’s Valentine’s Day!

15. Sing your favorite song – LOUDLY!

16. Sip a cup of hot herbal tea and curl up with a good book.

17. Treat yourself to a pedicure & manicure…ask for an extra long foot massage.

18. Go to lunch and a movie with one of the special women in your life…mom, daughter or girlfriend.

19. Buy yourself a bouquet of pretty & fragrant flowers.

20. Take a spa shower and use scrubs, salts and exfoliate.

21. Pamper yourself with a good sports bra.

22. Be gentle with yourself. Treat yourself like a new born with boundless love & affection.

23. Spend 15 minutes of ‘me’ time before starting your day and before falling asleep.

24. Treat yourself to that frivolous purchase. Something you had your eye on, but you talked yourself out of because it served no purpose but being pretty. Victorian pen set? Lavish throw pillow? Expensive beauty cream? Up to you.

25. Walk into a department store, and when the make-up specialists offer to do your makeup, let them! Even if you are not planning on purchasing any of their products.

26. Spend a little extra time getting all dolled up. Even if you’re just going to work.

27. Distribute one week of your chores to the rest of the household. If you live alone, splurge on a cleaning lady– well worth it.

28. Dig your dusty journal out and write an entry.

29. Wear a funky nail polish, eyeshadow, or hair pin because YOU want to, and don’t care what people think.

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