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Attention Canadian shoppers! If you’ve been thinking about getting an adjustable base but just can’t decide whether or not it’s worth the investment, this review is for you. Adjustable bases can customize your sleep experience by allowing you to change the angle at which you rest, but the Podium Adjustable Base comes with more than just the basics…

Tricked out with massage settings, preset positions and, yes, a charging station for your phone, the Podium Adjustable Base might be the foundation you’ve been dreaming of. So follow me as I show you how to set it up, how it works, and everything in between.

Podium Adjustable Bed

The Podium Adjustable Bed is easy to set up and is simple to use! Click the link to check current pricing.

Brand Snapshot

The Podium brand is the newest addition to popular Canadian mattress company, And while has been in the industry for over a decade, Podium just launched at the end of 2019 (as I write this, Podium is only 2 months old!). Like its parent company, Podium is also based in Canada and exclusively marketed to our neighbors up North.

Though it’s only been a couple months since its founding, Podium hit the ground running with its first adjustable base… and guess what? I’m about to test it out. I don’t know about you, but I’m eager to see what this brand new base is all about. So kick back and get ready to learn everything there is to know about the Podium Adjustable base.

How Do I Set Up The Podium Adjustable Base?

Before we get into the setup, keep in mind that you don’t need a certain kind of mattress to enjoy the Podium adjustable base. That said, all-foam mattresses bend a bit better than innerspring ones which, in my experience, makes them more compatible with adjustable bases. But any mattress that’s compatible with the dimensions of your base will do just fine (i.e. if you have a King mattress, choose a King size base).

Now let’s talk assembly. I’m pleased to report that set-up for the Podium adjustable base is quick, easy, and requires no tools at all. However, it is made of metal and weighs about 220 lbs! Additionally, Podium does not offer white glove delivery service, so plan to put this together without help from anyone but your strongest pals.

Podium Adjustable Base
The Podium Adjustable Base

And don’t worry — if you ever get confused, every Podium base comes with an Owner’s Manual that details step-by-step assembly instructions. But when I say set-up is quick and easy, I mean all you have to do is:

  1. Unbox & unfold the base
  2. Screw the legs into the base (there are 6 legs total)
  3. Insert the metal mattress retainer into the grommets on the end of the base
  4. Plug the adapter below your base into an outlet
  5. Insert two AAA batteries into remote control (included)
Podium user's manual
Every Podium base comes with an easy-to-read Owner’s Manual

And that’s it! I have to say, I’ve assembled quite a few adjustable bases and this one was by far the easiest to set up. Now let’s get into the fun stuff — how does this base work?

Podium Adjustable Bed

Podium Adjustable Bed

The Podium Adjustable Bed is easy to set up and is simple to use! Click the link to check current pricing.

How Does The Podium Adjustable Base Work?

Now that everything is set up, screwed on, and plugged in, all that’s left to do is use your remote control.

The remote control is what you’ll use to adjust your base and access the massage settings. Your remote is already synced to the base, ready to use, and comes with two AAA batteries. And for those who are slightly intimidated by tech, you’ll be glad to know that there are only 8 buttons on this remote, and they’re all easy to understand.

Podium Adjustable Base remote
The Podium remote is easy to use, and comes with batteries!

Every button (except for one) features a little image of the base itself, and the highlighted part of the base represents the area that the button controls. To better understand, let’s take a look at what each button does:

  • Lift Head – To lift the head of your base, press and hold the button with the upward facing arrow. On this button, the top part of the base is highlighted. This function is ideal for folks who want to sit up and read while in bed. Personally, I like to prop the head all the way up so I can get a good look at the T.V. screen!
  • Lower Head – To lower the head of your base, press and hold the button with the downward facing arrow. On this button, the top of the base is also highlighted. Feel free to lift and lower the head of your base until the angle is just right. But remember — you must hold the button down until you reach the desired angle.
  • Lift Foot – To lift the foot of the base, press and hold the button with the upward facing arrow. On this button, the bottom of the base is highlighted. This function served to promote circulation in my legs and lower back, and many sleepers might find that it feels best when used in conjunction with the top of the base.
  • Lower Foot – To lower the foot of the base, press and hold the button with the downward facing arrow. On this button, the bottom of the base is also highlighted. Take your time experimenting with which head/foot combinations feel best for you!
  • Lay Flat – When you want the base to return to its original flat position, simply hit the button with a straight line on it. You only need to tap it once, and it’ll slowly go flat.
  • Zero Gravity – This button reads “Zero G,” which stands for Zero Gravity. It’s preset by Podium, and you only need to tap it once. Essentially, this position is designed to make the sleeper feel weightless by lifting the head and foot of the base. The foot is raised slightly higher than the head, which relieves pressure and promotes blood flow throughout the body.
  • Massage Head – The button on the very top of the remote controls the massage settings at the head of the base. Tap it once for a light vibration, twice for medium-level intensity, and three times for the highest vibration setting. It’s important to note, though, that this function makes the base vibrate, and there are no external parts that knead or press into your body.
  • Massage Foot – The button on the very bottom of the remote controls the massage settings at the foot of the base, and the same three-mode rule applies. Tap it once for the lowest vibration, twice for mid-level, and three times for the highest vibration setting.

Now that we’ve taken a look at what this base can do, let’s dive a little deeper into the special features.

Podium Adjustable Bed

Podium Adjustable Bed

The Podium Adjustable Bed is easy to set up and is simple to use! Click the link to check current pricing.

Podium Adjustable Base Special Features

Typically, every adjustable base allows you to lift and lower the head and foot of the bed, and this one did both with no hiccups. But with the Podium, we get to enjoy a few extra features that I think are pretty nifty, so let’s talk about those a bit more.

Zero Gravity

The Zero Gravity preset position is my favorite feature of this base. You only need to tap it once, and it slowly raises the head and the foot of the bed. Remember — the foot is raised slightly higher than the head in order to promote circulation throughout the body and relieve tension in the lower back.

Podium Adjustable Base zero g
The Zero Gravity position is preset, and makes you feel weightless.

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Personally, I find this to be the most comfortable position and I’m pretty impressed by how weightless it actually makes you feel. I definitely got the most use out of this particular feature as I found it to offer the best pressure relief in my lower lumbar region.

Massage Settings

I’ll be honest — I only like to use the massage settings for about 20 minutes at a time. After that, the vibration starts to make me feel a bit tingly, especially when on the highest level of intensity. So if you’re sensitive to vibrations, I suggest you start with the lowest level and go from there.

That said, I do enjoy the way the bed feels when both the head and foot are simultaneously vibrating on the lowest setting. It reminds of the soothing vibrations you might experience on a car ride, and I could see how it might lull someone right to sleep. I just wish there were a way to set a timer that would turn it off after 20 minutes!

USB Ports

There are four USB ports on this base which allow you to charge your phone, tablet, and any other smart device you’ve got. There are two ports on each side of the bed so you and your sleeping partner don’t have to reach over each other to plug in (or fight over who gets to charge first!).

USB ports
The Podium base has four USB ports so you can charge your electronic devices.

The Bottom Line

The Podium Adjustable Base comes with all the standard features and then some. As I said, the Zero G position is my personal favorite, but I think sleepers of all styles could have fun experimenting with which angles feel best. And remember — everything is controlled with your remote, so you never have to leave the comfort of your bed.

Additionally, I think the massage settings and USB ports bring something special to the table. For me, the USB ports are particularly handy as they allow me to keep my phone nearby, charged, and ready for the morning. And while I do wish that the massage functions came with a timer, they offer a pleasant and relaxing vibration that might just lull you into dreamland.

Should I Buy A Podium Adjustable Base?

Okay sleepers, we’ve seen how to set it up, we know what it can do, but one question remains — is the Podium Adjustable Base the best fit for you? Let’s recap the highlights to help you decide:

Podium Adjustable Bed

Podium Adjustable Bed

The Podium Adjustable Bed is easy to set up and is simple to use! Click the link to check current pricing.

  • Easy Set-Up – I can honestly say that this was the easiest, breeziest adjustable base assembly I’ve ever encountered. At first I was like, “No white glove delivery service? Oh no!” But this base took me a mere 20 minutes to set up, no tools were needed, and the remote comes synced and ready for action.
  • Easy to Use – The remote control is very easy to use, and every button is clearly indicated with arrows and highlighted images. Not to mention, there are only 8 buttons. Folks who get intimidated by remotes with dozens of buttons (me) can take comfort in the fact that this one has a pretty straightforward design.
  • Special Features – USB ports, massage settings, and preset positions, oh my! This base comes with more than just the basics which might appeal to those looking for a few bells and whistles. My favorite feature is the Zero Gravity preset position as it really relieves tension in my back. I think folks who spend a lot of time in bed, or struggle with back pain, could definitely benefit from this base.
Podium Adjustable Base
A close look at the head of the base.

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Podium Adjustable Base Complaints

So what’s not to love about the Podium Adjustable Base? Well, when it comes to craftsmanship, I’ve got no complaints. But there are a few things to consider before you make your purchase:

  • Canadian Shoppers Only – As I said, Podium is a Canadian company and this base is exclusively shipped to Canadian shoppers. American shoppers looking for an adjustable base should check out the DreamCloud or Casper models.
  • No White Glove Delivery – While assembling this base is pretty easy, keep in mind that it’s over 200 lbs. And since no white glove delivery service is offered, it’s on you to do the heavy lifting. This is why I strongly suggest enlisting the help of some friends before you unbox your base.
  • Vibration – This is a matter of personal preference, but I found the vibration settings to make me a bit tingly after 20 minutes or so. Don’t get me wrong — I really enjoy it up until that point. But right around the 20 minute mark, the vibration becomes a little unpleasant for me. Again, this might not be your experience but it’s something to keep in mind.
  • No Trial Period – No trial period is offered with this base, which means there is no way to try before you buy. Podium adjustable beds can be returned within 3 days of delivery in their original, unopened packaging. Essentially, you have to be pretty positive that you want this base before you make your purchase.

Anything Else I Should Know?

    • Sizing – Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split King
    • Pricing – $749-$1,449
    • Free Shipping – within Canada
    • No Trial Period
    • Weight Limit – 650 lbs

Now that we’ve gotten up close and personal with the Podium Adjustable Base, you’re that much closer to deciding if it’s the best fit for you. And while you carefully consider every last detail, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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