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4 Terrific Tips to Reduce Cellulite

Ugh. Cellulite. Anyone can fall victim to the stubborn skin condition, and everyone might agree they could do without it. Cellulite can take the appearance of dimples, lumps, or veins, usually around your butt or thighs. Oftentimes it gets worse with age, especially since people tend to gain more fat and their skin gets thinner. Sound familiar? No worries. We compiled some simple, effective tips to reduce cellulite.

What even is cellulite, you might ask? Well, women have strands of connective tissue that separate fat cells and connect fat to skin, and these strands form a honeycomb-shaped pattern. When you gain weight, fat deposits push through connective tissue, bulging out in this pattern and taking on a more distinct appearance. While cellulite is totally normal, it can suck some excitement out of bikini season or take a toll on your confidence. Luckily, you don’t have to endure the wrath of cellulite; in fact, you can stop it straight in its tracks. Here at SkinnyMs., we’ve grouped up 4 tried-and-true tips to minimize the appearance of cellulite, and get you smoother, firmer skin you’ll want to flaunt. From workouts to detox plans, there are numerous expert-approved ways to say sayonara to cellulite. Check them out!

1. Detox


Put down the coffee and ditch the sodas, these drinks only invite chemicals and junk into your system. Toxins from processed foods, alcohol, smoking, medications, and your environment can build up in your system and welcome cellulite with open arms. One of the best ways to reduce the appearance of pesky cellulite involves drinking lots of filtered water and eating a clean diet, compromised mainly of fruits and veggies. Water with lemon and vitamin-rich beverages like homemade green smoothies can work wonders on banishing cellulite. All in all, a detox will  flood the body with nutrients while flushing toxins.

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2. Ditch the salt!

You’d be surprised how much salt you actually consume on a daily basis. Salt sneaks its way into food so subtly, especially when it comes to meals you don’t make yourself. Unfortunately, many pre-made meals, processed snacks, and meat products contain refined salt, an extremely acidic version of salt that sucks up minerals from  your body. Not to mention it severely dehydrates your system, welcoming the accumulation of toxicity and the appearance of cellulite.

If you have to use salt on your foods, opt for Himalayan crystal or sea salt. These products are alkaline and jam-packed with minerals, meaning they’ll flavor your food without releasing toxins into your body.

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